Attention metrics have risen to the forefront for Canadian marketers and advertisers facing the increasingly difficult task of capturing and holding the attention of consumers in today's fast-paced digital world. 

In this first Canadian cinema-based study on attention, English-speaking and bilingual moviegoers were recruited to measure exactly where and how long Canadian cinema audiences are paying attention to the content on-screen and what impact that attention has for brands.

Unmatched Viewing-1UNMATCHED VIEWING  – From viewable to viewed: Cinema ads are virtually unmissable with 100% of cinema audiences viewing ads on the big screen.

More time SpentMORE TIME SPENT  Moviegoers spend more time watching ads in cinema, paying on average 80% active attention to on-screen advertisements. Strong cinema attention scores hold across all spot lengths and age groups, and regardless of language preference.

The Attention LeaderTHE ATTENTION LEADER  – Cinema ranks #1 in attention paid to advertising with attention scores 2-5X higher than linear and CTV and up to 9X higher than digital video channels.

Stronger Brand Outcomes STRONGER BRAND OUTCOMES   High attention scores in cinema deliver strong impact for brands with 75% average brand recall and a +35% uplift in brand choice.

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